How to Be Successful During Finals or AP Season


Jenna Johnson, Staff Writer

Finals are either in full swing or approaching for most students all over the island. Test taking often induces anxiety in many students, and for good reason as well. Many students struggle with procrastination, time management, and overall feel overwhelmed at the prospect of preparing for an exam encompassing all the information they learned during a course condensed into a single exam. Here are some study tips to help you become extremely successful in achieving your desired grades during finals seasons.

For Math: Unlike many other classes, “studying” for math tends to be a bit tricky. The most efficient way to study for math is to do many practice problems. It helps to go through any old packets and old lessons and the redo various problems on a scrap piece of paper. Repeat problems until you achieve full efficiency. In regards to memorizing formulas, which are not available on your reference tables, write formulas down on post it notes and place the post its on easily accessible places all over your house. It may seem somewhat silly, but constant exposure to a formula while brushing your teeth or doing your makeup will leave it imprinted in your mind!

For Global/AP World : For students taking any AP exam in general, it is less about “studying” solely for the AP exam, than it is to put full effort and study for every test during the course. By studying hard during the entire course as opposed to just the weeks leading up to your exam, the actual studying itself will be mostly review. The sheer amount of information in many AP courses is practically impossible to memorize in a short span of time. You should already know much of the necessary information prior to studying for your AP exam. In regards to students who have to take the Global Regents, it is important to do practice exams to gain exposure to the multiple choice questions. Memorize general ideas and have a relatively good idea of geography of the world. Once again you don’t necessarily need to know a huge amount of information for the Global Regents, but make sure you have a studied important  names, dates, people, and places.

For Bio: As with AP World, which also involves a large amount of memorization, studying for Bio should not be done only leading up to the exam. Put forth good effort during the entirety of the course and  memorize general facts. If it helps, draw diagrams of body systems and watch youtube videos discussing things such as the nervous system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. In regards to the Bio Regents themselves, much of the multiple choice answers can be deduced simply through common sense. Right off the bat, two answer choices can most likely immediately be eliminated, leaving you with a 50/50 chance of getting the question correct.

Good luck to all the students taking finals right now! Best of luck to you all, study hard and continue to put effort into succeeding!