Empowering the Youth

Lindy Cares hosts their 3rd Annual Youth Summit

Gozde Bayraktar, Freelance Writer

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Lindy Cares is a youth led and adult guided Youth Coalition.   Lindenhurst Community Cares Youth Coalition seeks to reduce the use of alcohol and drug use in the community. They also strive to give the youth a voice. They want to help clean up the community so that future generations won’t need to deal with the same things.

On October 9th, Lindy Cares hosted their 3rd annual Youth Summit at Chateau La Mer for about 150 students. Students from grades 6 to 12 joined together to collaborate with their peers to build their skills in leadership, communication, and problem solving. Students from all different backgrounds came together to participate in three workshops led by peers.  In addition, they learned to build confidence, speak their minds, and meet new people. First time attendee, Anthony Castello, says, “It was a great experience working with others because in a room full of leaders and followers you get to find yourself and where you fit in amongst the crowd.”  Throughout the day, they had key speakers Suffolk County Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey, Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre, and High School Alumnus Gabrielle Anzalone.

Everyone involved, especially the youth board, worked very hard in making the day exceptional. A special thanks to Elizabeth Johanson, Lindy Cares President, for helping bring everyone together and being an extraordinary student. Miss. Scharf is one of the advisors of this coalition and she explains, “The students did a wonderful job presenting three workshops that focused on leadership skills and giving youth a voice.” Lindy Cares hopes everyone enjoyed the event and took something away from it. According to  Austin Martinez, Lindenhurst Senior and Corresponding secretary, ¨The Youth Summit was a great success this year. We got to really connect with Middle and High School students in order to educate them on the importance of youth empowerment. It was a wonderful experience to be in charge of a workshop to show peers the meaning of a leader as well as what leadership entails.¨  

Lindy Cares has other events like Red Ribbon Kickoff, Trick or Trunk, and the Annual Color Run. They are always looking for new members, Middle or High School! If you are somebody who knows somebody who deals with alcohol and drugs or would like to be a participating member of your community, this club could be for you!