New Sports Electives at LHS

Patrycja Chrzanowska, Editor in Chief

Attention all student athletes and sports enthusiasts of LHS! It’s time to pick what classes you’ll be taking next year. Perhaps, you’d much rather spend all day on the field or on the court, but unfortunately that’s not possible. Still, at least there are some fun new sports electives you can take next year.

Sports and Literature will be running for the first time next school year as both an elective and a senior English course. The class is available for anyone who will be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in September of 2019. This course is like any English class as it involves reading and writing, but everything revolves around sports. Students who take the class will read both literature relating to sports as well as non fiction articles, essays, and informational texts. Students will also watch and dissect news segments relating to sports, sports documentaries, and sports films. Ultimately, students in this course will learn about the importance of sports in American culture and why authors use sports to tell captivating stories.

It’ll be a lot of fun. We will delve into sports history and we’ll also tackle current issues in sports like performance enhancing drugs.

— Mr. Lastella (Sports and Literature teacher)

If you’re into sports, but English isn’t really your strong suit, no problem! Perhaps you can take Intro to Sports Medicine instead. Introduction to Sports Medicine is also a brand new class for the 2019 school year. It’s an A Day/ B Day class available for all grade levels where students will have the opportunity to learn about athletic health and how it’s affected by exercise, rehabilitation, etc. Students who take this class can expect a combination of both traditional classroom work, such as learning how to make pre/ post game meal plans, as well as hands on labs, such as learning to wrap and brace injuries. Not sure if this class is right for you? Well, are you interested in careers revolving around health and athletics such as Athletic Training, Fitness, Sport Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and other similar categories? Are you an athlete who wants to learn how to keep yourself healthy, fit, and safe? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you should consider taking this class if you can fit it into your schedule.

We hope to make this a hands on course that will better prepare student athletes for competition and help guide those who are interested in career in medicine.

— Mr. McGroary (Sports Medicine teacher)

Although you can’t spend all day at school playing sports, you can still take classes that revolve around your passions and your dreams, so if you’re interested in either of the aforementioned classes, talk to your guidance counselor about fitting them onto your schedule for next year.