Jared Barber

Timmy Vine, Polls Editor

A junior at Lindenhurst Senior High School by the name of Jared Barber embodies the Bulldog Spirit like no other. Over the course of the pandemic, went to the hospital and the doctors needed to put him on a ventilator. As some may know, a ventilator is a machine that is used to help people breathe because they are unable to do it on their own. However, Jared is strong and has a lot of fight in him and is on his road to recovery. Lindenhurst has been doing many fundraisers for the Barber family through Go Fund Me, selling T-shirts, and pulling together for one of our own the way Lindenhurst always does. 

Jared is a member of the Lindenhurst Community in many ways that we can all love and appreciate. Jared is involved in many sports, clubs, and has many friends throughout Lindenhurst. Jared plays Junior Varsity Football for Lindenhurst where he plays linebacker and running back for our school. He is involved in Class Council for the Class of 2022, even being in Powderpuff his freshmen year. Jared growing up played lacrosse and football for Lindenhurst youth leagues. Jared is not as tall as the average junior, but if you told him to do something his day would be ruined if he couldn’t complete what you asked him to do. 

The Lindenhurst Youth Football and Cheerleading organization has been creating Go Fund Me fundraisers to help the Barber family with hospital bills. Joe Degregorio, a junior at Lindenhurst High School, created a fundraiser throughout the High School by selling T-shirts throughout the school. Joe partnered up with the Junior class by selling T-shirts to the Junior class and throughout the school to raise money for the Barber family and to bring recognition to what happened to Jared Barber.  According to Joe, “He has the heart of a lion and is one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever met.”

It will be a long recovery for Jared, but he is a strong kid and will keep fighting.