The Seniors of the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball Team


Tyler Cooney, Staff Writer

In the first school sports season since 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lindenhurst Varsity baseball team had six seniors, ten juniors, and five sophomores on the team. Unfortunately even with all this talent, we failed to make the playoffs in a tough League II conference. Realistically, there are bigger things than high school playoffs in a year as weird as this.  All of our six seniors will be going onto college, three to continue their baseball careers and the other three will be solely focusing on academics and what comes after college. Surely the other five seniors will find success in whatever they choose to do after high school and college.


James Beloff, CF: Seton Hall University, 2025

James Beloff was the starting center fielder for the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball team, and probably one of the best defensive center fielders you’ll ever see. The way this kid tracks down a fly ball or hits a cut is beyond proficient. Although he can definitely play on a college team, he has different plans. As for those plans, in the fall James will be heading to Seton Hall University in New Jersey. James plans to major in nursing.

Good luck, James!


Nick Commisso, C: Molloy College, 2025

Nick Commisso was the starting catcher for the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball team. Most pitchers will tell you that it’s easy to throw to a guy who you’re sure will block the ball if you need to throw something in the dirt or a little away from the batter. Although he could certainly play good innings on a college roster,  Nick will be staying home and going to Molloy College to study nursing. There is no doubt he will be very proficient throughout his four-plus years there. Molloy is lucky to have him.

Good luck, Nick!


Jack Kelly, SS / P / 1B: St. Joseph’s College- Patchogue, 2025

Jack Kelly was the shortstop, a pitcher, and a first baseman on the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball team. Jack will be going on to play baseball at St. Joseph’s College- Patchogue and will be majoring in business. Any pitcher would say they would be lucky to have him behind them at short. Jack will surely succeed on the field and in the classroom at SJC. It will be a fun four years getting to watch Jack tear up the Skyline Conference. Coach Garrett, Caputo and Benkert are lucky to have him.

Good luck, Jack!


Louis Peluso, LF: Farmingdale State College, 2025

Louis Peluso was the left fielder for the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball team. Louis is actually considering playing baseball at Farmingdale State College. Whether Lou tries out or gets an official spot on their roster, he will be more than proficient in the classroom, where he is going to study bioscience and on the field where he could potentially lead the charge into battle in left field. The kid is a true leader, and Coach Osik, Mongiello and Salmon would be very lucky to have him.

Good luck, Louis!


Jonny Wells, 3B / DH: Adelphi University, 2025 

Jonny Wells was a third baseman and the designated hitter for the 2021 Lindenhurst Varsity Baseball team. One thing about this kid: he’s got the quickest swing. If he gets a hold of a ball, it is almost surely in the gap, hitting the fence, or even a home run. I Jonny could definitely have played college baseball, but it just so turns out that he will be going to Adelphi University to focus purely on academics, specifically physical therapy, and more power to him for that. Whether he decides to play on the club team or try out for the actual team, I’m sure with his work ethic he will be a stud in college.

Good luck, Jonny!


As for me, I will be heading down to Hood College in Maryland to pitch for the baseball team and study sports psychology in hopes of becoming a coach. I can’t wait to see what these next four years will bring for us.