Lindenhurst Homecoming 2021


Sara Morello, Staff Writer

On Saturday October 16th, Lindenhurst HIgh School held the annual Homecoming parade and football game. We held our pep rally the Friday night before Homecoming at 7 pm. This is where we introduce and show our support for all the sports of the fall season, most importantly, our Lindenhurst Varsity Football team, so we can show our support for their upcoming game. On Saturday our whole Lindenhurst community, including all Lindenhurst schools, came together to show their appreciation. 

    The first homecoming game ever played in history was Minnesota against Wisconsin on Northrop field in 1914. After this, certain things became a tradition that still sticks to this day. This includes a pep rally, homecoming dances, parades, and the actual football game itself. A more modern tradition that we do at Lindenhurst is spirit week. The week leading up to the homecoming game, we dress up differently every day to show our school spirit and support. 

   From the beginning of the year students have been working hard on the homecoming floats for the parade. We have four floats at the parade. Each grade, 9-12,  worked on their individual float. This year the winners for the Homecoming float contest were the seniors, in second place the juniors, in third place the sophomores, and the freshman in fourth place.

   For almost every home game, the Lindenhurst student section does a theme or color. On Homecoming, the student section decided to wear pink to show support for breast cancer awareness. This year, the homecoming game was against West Islip. Even though the game was close, our Varsity football team didn’t disappoint us and gave us another win. The score was 7-3 giving the bulldogs another successful Homecoming game.