Babylon Animal Shelter Awareness


Gemma Knowd, Staff Writer

The Town of Babylon Animal Shelter has many dogs, cats and other animals in need of good homes. Some are adopted quickly, but others can be there for years until they find the right home. Recently, a dog named Finnely who had been at the shelter for over two years was adopted. Volunteers were very happy, but there are other animals who have been there a long time, like Sandy. She has been there over 900 days. Christine Franke is a long time volunteer at the shelter. She answered some questions about the animals there and what everyone can do to help. 


1) How long have you been a volunteer at the Babylon Animal Shelter and why did you join?


I have been volunteering for 10 years with the Babylon Animal Shelter. I love animals and wanted to make a difference in their lives. 


2) How do animals end up at the shelter? Why are they there?


Animals enter the shelter for a variety of reasons, but mainly strays, owners surrendering their pets and animals who are rescued from abusive conditions. 


3) We saw that one of the dogs, Sandy, has been there a long time. Why is it so hard for her to get adopted?


I wish I had the answer. Unfortunately, the shelter does not have a steady flow of potential adopters coming through and they are slower at certain times of the year. With a sea of dogs there, Sandy in particular is a harder adoption due to her stranger danger issues. Although Sandy is a very loving dog and is attached to quite a few people at the shelter she needs that extra special family willing to give her the time to adjust and transition into a home life because in her past (before she came to the shelter)  she was neglected and tethered to a tree. 


4) Another dog who had been there, Finn, has recently been adopted. What helped get him adopted?


First, let me start with Finnely is doing exceptionally well in his new home and we are so happy for him. A couple walked into the shelter and saw his picture ! Although the shelter markets them on Instagram and Facebook ( Finnely had his own page ) it seems we need to do more to bring awareness to all these dogs that need a home. 


5) What can people – kids and adults – in Lindenhurst and the surrounding area do to help the animals at the Babylon Animal Shelter?


There is always something you can do.  Encourage adoptions, consider fostering, volunteer in any form you can. We are always looking for experienced dog walkers, cat socializers, bottle feeders. If you can’t actually get to the shelter, do a toy / blanket drive.


The Babylon Animal Shelter is located at 80 New Highway in Amityville. It has a page on Facebook titled “Babylon Animal Shelter.” Anyone interested in more information can email Christine at [email protected]