Career Night at Exit Family Realty!


Madison Cohen

Exit Family Realty is located at 202 N Wellwood Ave in Lindenhurst. Recenyly, they hosted career night. Career night is a chance for people to learn about real estate and are welcomed openly by a company ready to take them.  They hold career nights once every quarter of the year. 

When you enter, you are welcomed by many wonderful people. You are also given a packet with all the information you need to know about the company. To become a realtor you have to attend school first. In the folder it includes information of a school you can go to. The exit magazine is also included in the folders. Two videos with more information about Exit are shown. After the videos are shown, there is a Q & A to answer any more questions people may have. 

If you are serious about wanting a career in real estate to become a licensed real estate agent, they will help you set up online classes. This is made possible with their online CE shop school that the business is affiliated with.  Once the person takes the classes and passes the state test they set the person up and start boarding them with Exit. They help them out with business cards and headshots for their bio on their business Facebook page. Then the person is set up on the Google account with all of the programs they need and are added to the Exit Family email list. As a new agent, they are required to attend a new agent orientation training. They are taught to do listing paperwork, how to present an offer and so much more. Exit Family is a heart warming and welcome place. It is a place where you can create a family. So if you’re interested will you join them!?